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4 CFM Vacuum Pump 110-115V/220-250V (selectable)
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  • Two Stage Design second stage starts pumping at a lower pressure to pull a deeper ultimate vacuum
  • Offset Rotary Vanes Our proven design creates the deep vacuum conditions needed for a thorough evacuation
  • Gas Ballast feature helps keep the pump oil clean by reducing condensation of moisture
  • Iso-ValveTM isolates pump from the system with just a 1/4 turn, making it simple to measure rate of rise
  • Integral Check Valve prevents pump oil from being sucked into the system if a power loss occurs
  • Die-Cast Aluminum housing lightweight but durable
  • Molded Base Durable polycarbonate base improves pump balance and minimizes vibration
  • 110-115V/220-250V (selectable), 50/60 Hz,93 l/m at 50 Hz,

Robinair Vacuum Pumps are engineered specifically to meet your A/C maintenance needs and to give you trouble-free operation. Take advantage of our years of experience and know-how developing pumps to help you do your job faster and better. NO HASSLE WARRANTY All Robinair Vacuum Pumps are backed by our exclusive 'No Hassle" over-the-counter replacement warranty. You can return a pump to your Robinair distributor, within the first year, for an immediate exchange with no hassle! (See product for details)

Designed for use on A/C-R systems using CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs in conjunction with mineral oil, ester oil, alkylbenzene oil and PAG oil as lubricants. Do not use with ammonia or lithium bromide systems; not for use with flammable refrigerants.

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