Toyota delivers their first R-1234yf vehicles to dealers

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Toyota dealerships nationwide started receiving their first Robinair AC1234-6 recovery machines this week, per today's MACS blog. The machines are shipped to each dealership to support the new Tacoma and anticipated Prius, with both vehicles using the new R-1234yf refrigerant. A snipped of the MACS post is below and you can read their full blog here.

"We first heard the news back in the fall of 2015 that Toyota would be shipping their first vehicles containing the A/C refrigerant R-1234yf to dealerships in the US, and they’re just now starting to arrive, although not yet in large numbers. In fact only one can be found at Team Toyota, one of the company’s largest dealers in the Philadelphia market. During an interview discussing A/C service on these newly redesigned vehicles, we spoke with service manager and MACS member Jim Montella, who took us out into the shop to see their new equipment."