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AC1234-6 AC1234-4
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R-1234yf R-1234yf
A/C Service
Manifold Values
Automatic - Not required Automatic - Not required
Recovery Efficiency
98.50% 98.50%
Charge Accuracy
+/- .5 oz +/- .5 oz
Fast Service
Yes Yes
Automatic Internal Tank Refill
Yes Yes
Auto Oil Drain
Yes Yes
Auto Oil Injection
No No
UV Dye Injection
No No
Air Purge
Automatic Automatic
A/C Component Flushing
Yes Yes
Vacuum Leak Test
No No
Nitrogen Leak Test
No No
Vehicle Data
Optional Optional
Service Record Storage
Yes Yes
Refrigerant management
Yes Yes
5.7" LCD Display 4.3" LCD Display
Integrated Refrigerant
Yes Yes
Contaminated Refrigerant Removal Port
Yes Yes
Vacuum Pump
1.5 cfm dual stage (35 microns) 1.5 cfm dual stage (35 microns)
Internal Tank
30 lb 30 lb
Hose Length
9 ft 9 ft
Yes Optional
Notification Light
Yes Yes
RJ45 Ethernet Connector
Yes No
Yes No
USB Port
Yes Yes
Easy to Operate
Yes Yes
Cord Wrap
Yes Yes
Filter-Drier Capacity
330 lbs 330 lbs
1 Year 1 Year
0ver 225 trained and certified service facilities 0ver 225 trained and certified service facilities
Meets SAE J-2788 Requirements
No No
Meets SAE J-2843 Requirements
Yes Yes