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Will 1234yf see widespread adoption, and when will costs go down?

Before 2014 there were only two vehicles in the North American market using 1234yf refrigerant. By the end of this year, we’re expecting at least six and up to eight models under various manufacturers using 1234yf for air conditioning. For a technician, the biggest need is most likely a new recovery, recycle and recharge machine to service these vehicles, followed soon after by the need to acquire the refrigerant to recharge a vehicle’s system.

Leaks harder to find in newer, tighter systems

A/C systems in vehicles have improved significantly over the years, getting much tighter and less prone to leaks. A small leak in a vehicle system may take months or years for an owner or technician to notice, and in turn, may take a lot longer to find when the system fails. There are several ways to determine if a system has a leak, and then to locate the leak.


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