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Refrigerant Recovery, Recycle, Recharge
Product Weight: 232 lbs.
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International Model for
R-134a, R12 Recovery, Recycling,
Evacuation, and Recharging

Combines Simple Operation with Superior Accuracy.
Automatic recovery/recharge by weight
Automatic vacuum by time
Automatic Air Purge Eliminates damaging air without any monitoring of gauges or opening of valves.
Oil Drain The display reminds you to drain the system oil captured during recovery. Calibrations on
the container clearly show you how much oil needs to be replaced.
Oil Inject System prompts user to inject oil before charge. Reservoir provides visual reference on calibrated container.
Electronic Scale The scale is mounted internally for protection, and has a dampening mechanism that protects
against impact shocks such as movement over rough surfaces. The scale weighs recovered refrigerant and
charges by weight for greatest accuracy.
Internal Storage Vessel Refrigerant is recovered into and charged out of this vessel, which is permanently
mounted to the electronic scale for continuing reliability.
Internal Manifold Block manifold contains solenoids that control refrigerant flow for easy operation, also
reducing the possibility of leaking connections.
Maintenance Prompts
System prompts user to change vacuum pump oil when needed.
System prompts user to change filter-drier when needed.
Ergonomic Design The cabinet is easy to maneuver between service bays and position near the vehicle.
Gauges The high and low side gauges are mounted at an angle that's easy to see.
Unit of Measure Select pounds or kilograms through the menu.
Features that Speed Service
142 l/m vacuum pump for fast, thorough pull-down.
Heavy-duty compressor pulls from both sides during recovery.
Single pass recycling.
Oil injector lets you add system oil in seconds.

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