Bluetooth Temperature Probe

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Bluetooth Temperature Probe

With a wireless connection, read and track temperature from multiple vehicle locations from your A/C machine. The temperature probe can be used to see internal cabin vent temperatures. Before and after temperatures can be included in service reports to verify and confirm service for customers and insurance companies. 

Kit contains one Robinair temp probe.

Works with new Robinair Connected ACS machines 34998, or AC1234-9.

80213 Bluetooth temperature probe also works with Robinair 34288NI, 34788NI, 34788NI-H, 34988NI and AC1234-4 ACS if the machine has the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dongle already installed (software update may also be required). Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dongle included with 80211VCI Wireless VCI master kit and 80211TMP Wi-Fi/temperature probes master kit, available separately. 

Tech Specs:

4.33in x 2.20in x 0.75in
0.13 lb
Product Specs: 
Dimensions | 4.33in x 2.20in x 0.75in
Weight | 0.13 lb
One Bluetooth temperature probe
Wirelessly reads internal cabin vent temperature
Add before and after vent temperature to an ACS machine vehicle report to help explain service performed
A/C Recovery and Recycling
Refrigerant Recovery and Recharging
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