Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge

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Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge

Connect, Measure, Test

Robinair proudly introduces one of the most sophisticated Digital Micron (vacuum) Gauges available for field service. Packaged in the same convenient case as our successful Digital Pressure gauges, this stand alone gauge is compact and can be used anywhere.

The RAVG-1 employs a sophisticated MEMS Pirani type sensor that directly measures flow. Unlike all other field service gauges on the market, the RAVG-1 is NOT affected by temperature.

The RAVG-1 measures vacuum from Atmosphere to 10 microns in 6 different scales, and can withstand overpressure beyond 30 bar. The unit employs an industry first multi-color backlight that functions as an instant go/no go indicator of acceptable vacuum or leakage.

RAVG-1 Backlit Display


Tech Specs:

10.50in x 7.25in x 3.50in
Product Specs: 
Operating Range: Atmosphere to 10 Microns
Resolution: As low as 5 Microns/0.005mmHg/0.002inHg/0.007mBar/0.66Pa/0.005Torr
Accuracy: As low as +/- 5 % of RDG
Over pressure: ~ 31 Bar/450 psi
Measuring Units: Microns/mmHg/inHg/mBar/Pa/Torr
Display: 5 digit STN LCD, 50 x 30 mm with tricolor LED backlight
Power Supply: 3 x size “AAA” 1,5 V Batteries
Input Connection: 1/8"-27 NPT Male
High Resolution and unique backlight indicator make precision readings easy
Patent Pending design, employs a sophisticated MEMS Pirani sensor
Range from Atmosphere down to 10 microns
Measure vacuum in Microns, mmHg, inHg, mBar, Pascals or Torr
Extremely accurate at low micron levels
Impact and water resistant case with protective Rubber boot
Rapid response to changes in vacuum
Large easy to read 5 digit display
Auto shut off feature prolongs battery life
Battery powered
Integrated “magnetic” hook
Includes carrying case and tee adapters or in-line connections (1/4" MFL x 1/4" MFL and 1/4" FFL x 1/4" MFL versions)
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