Multi-refrigerant Recover, Recycle, Recharge Machine, 230V

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Multi-refrigerant Recover, Recycle, Recharge Machine, 230V

The Robinair 17800C can recover, recycle, evacuate and recharge multiple refrigerants, all in one fast and continuous operation through one hook-up. It’s ideal for mass transit vehicles, buses, refrigerated trailers or containers and other applications that use refrigerants other than R-134a and not typically found in mobile...

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  • Dimensions | 117 cm x 66 cm x 85 cm
    Weight | 114 kg (250 lb)
    Display | 5 × 9 cm (4.3-in. diag) graphical LCD
    Filter | 91 kg (200 lb) typical
    Humidity | 32.2°C (90°F), 80% RH non-condensing
    Gauges | Ø 100 mm (3.9 in.)
    Sound Level | <73 dB(A)
    Nominal Voltage | 230V, 50/60 Hz
    Oil Bottle Capacity | 355 ml (12 oz)
    Operating Temperature | 10°C to 50°C (50°F to 122°F)
    Vacuum Pump | 5.0 CFM (142 L/m) @ 60 Hz
    Service Hoses | 5.5 m (18.0 ft)
    External cylinder: 50 lb generic recovery tank (22.68 kg); 40 lb capacity
  • Automatically controls machine functions, leading the user through operations and also notifying when it’s time to change the filter drier, and vacuum pump oil
    Automatically adjusts from liquid to vapor for fast and efficient recovery.
    Electronic scale makes it simple to recharge to factory specifications; also weighs recovered refrigerant and provides tank overfill protection.
    5 cfm vacuum pump is large enough to thoroughly evacuate almost any system; making it ready for recharging.
    Vacuum leak test function allows user to monitor the system for vacuum decay to determine if a leak exists in the A/C system
    Automatic oil drain allows the user to see amount of oil removed from the system being serviced.
    Heavy-duty filter can handle up to 200 lbs. of refrigerant, effectively removing moisture and acid from the refrigerant.
    Easy to view 4.3” color graphical display.
    Maintenance counters to monitor cumulative amounts of refrigerant recovered and charged, as well as other machine operation variables.
    Optional printer can be added to expand capabilities and provide printed record of service performed.
    Compatible with R12, R22, R134A, R401A, R401B, R402A, R402B, R404A, R407A, R407B, R407C, R410A, R500, R502, and R507 refrigerants.
    The Robinair 17800C-230 is not intenteded for use, nor available for sale in the U.S. market. The product is available for international 230V countries only.
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