Process Tube Adapter Kit

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Process Tube Adapter Kit

No. 12458 Process Tube Adapter Kit provides the fastest and easiest means for connecting charging lines to process tubes for evacuating and recharging a system. The design ensures an absolute seal between the tubing and the charging hose. It eliminates the need for flaring and the possibility of tubing chips getting into the system.


Depressurize the system following the manufacturerʼs instructions. Adapter parts and tubing must be free of oil and moisture.

1. Install a piercing valve on the process tube. (See illustration at right.)

2. Cut the end off the process tube behind the pinch-off point or solder.

3. Slide the cap and the appropriate size seal and washer assembly (for 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", or 3/8" tubing) onto the process tube.

4. Thread the body into the cap until it is hand tight.

5. Connect the charging line. Evacuate and recharge the system.

6. Use Robinair No. 12396 Pinch-off Tool, not included, to crimp the tubing.

7. Remove the process fitting.

8. Solder the end of the process tube.


Tech Specs:

7.40in x 6.40in x 2.10in
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