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Robinair joins hit TV series Garage Rehab Season 2 with diagnostic tools to help turn around struggling shops

Robinair has joined with the hit TV show Garage Rehab for its second season on Discovery Channel, debuting on Tuesday, January 8 at 8 p.m. EST. Garage Rehab follows Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage fame, garage designer Chris Stephens and project manager Russell ‘the muscle’ Holmes as they travel the country to find shops that need help.

Toyota delivers their first R-1234yf vehicles to dealers

Toyota dealerships nationwide started receiving their first Robinair AC1234-6 recovery machines this week, per today's MACS blog. The machines are shipped to each dealership to support the new Tacoma and anticipated Prius, with both vehicles using the new R-1234yf refrigerant. A snipped of the MACS post is below and you can read their full blog here.

An expanded presence at SEMA 2015

We’re returning to AAPEX and SEMA this year with a new booth, new products, and a new SEMA location. SEMA 2015 is our second year in a row at the show, and we want to see you at the Robinair booth, 16007 in the Westgate, just outside North Hall. Robinair will also be in booth 5041 at AAPEX in the Sands Expo Center

2015 MACS Tradeshow Robinair 34788NI Giveaway

2015 MACS Tradeshow Robinair 34788NI Giveaway

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DATES OF PROMOTION:  The 2015 MACS Tradeshow Robinair 34788NI Giveaway (the “promotion”) begins February 6, 2015 at the start of the Convention (defined below) (approximately 9:45am Eastern Time) and ends at the close of the Convention on February 6, 2015 (approximately 4:30pm Eastern Time).

Will 1234yf see widespread adoption, and when will costs go down?

Before 2014 there were only two vehicles in the North American market using 1234yf refrigerant. By the end of this year, we’re expecting at least six and up to eight models under various manufacturers using 1234yf for air conditioning. For a technician, the biggest need is most likely a new recovery, recycle and recharge machine to service these vehicles, followed soon after by the need to acquire the refrigerant to recharge a vehicle’s system.

Leaks harder to find in newer, tighter systems

A/C systems in vehicles have improved significantly over the years, getting much tighter and less prone to leaks. A small leak in a vehicle system may take months or years for an owner or technician to notice, and in turn, may take a lot longer to find when the system fails. There are several ways to determine if a system has a leak, and then to locate the leak.

Performing Hybrid AC service dos and don'ts

Every vehicle is a little different when servicing A/C systems, from fitting placement to amount of refrigerant needed and other variables. One thing they all had in common a decade ago – voltage. The automobiles had a 12V battery source for starting, running electronics and fuel injection, and you knew what to expect. The rise in popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles means one more thing to think about to safely service a vehicle’s A/C system, as some vehicles have higher voltage systems that require more attention.